Planning a Party

Josh Nelson’s upcoming ninth birthday party is the perfect opportunity for the Nelson family to mentor their daughter Elle through planning, meal preparations, and sticking to a budget. Join Elle as she overcomes her fear of the unknown, estimates, creates a shopping list, and successfully sticks to her first budget plan.

Birthday Bash at Baobab Place

The animal children at Baobab Place are involved in planning the Family Staycation to Victoria Falls, known by many as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. We learn with them as they research the destination in their own backyard, budget, and enjoy their trip. Will the kids stick to their plan or will their souvenir money be gone at the first ice cream stand? Read to find out how they do!

Super Fun Staycation at Baobab Place

It’s Josh Nelson’s ninth birthday and he gets to celebrate with his friends and family at Baobab Place. His sister Elle has baked him a homemade cake to share with his friends. The Nelson family show their children and friends that community is more valuable than gifts. Join the animals at the watering hole as they focus on quality time and friendship.

Business is Booming at Baobab Place

The young animals learn about entrepreneurship and the role it can play in their own lives. Their school teacher Mrs. Evans challenges them to take part in their very own School Market. But not before they have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having their own business, looked at and created their own business blueprint, and walked through some of the decision making a young entrepreneur must make. Join us on this Entrepreneurial Ride!

School's Out at Baobab Place

School is out for the animals at the watering hole, but not before the Nelsons have taught their kids how to budget for next year’s school supplies. Learn with the Nelsons and their friends as they discuss new vs used, a school supply list, and the importance of putting family values first.

About The Author

The Baobab Money Tree Series is set in Southern Africa. A lovable tour guide, Sassy, walks 7-10 year oldsĀ  through important money concepts. Each family that lives by the watering hole provides kids with the opportunity to look at Budgeting, Meal Preparation, Entrepreneurship, Saving and more. Join me as we learn Financial Literacy concepts in a fun and engaging way!

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