Baobab Money Tree Series

In the fun series of books, children will learn along with Josh, Elle, and the other animals at Baobab Place. As a family, it can be hard to teach children how to budget, plan, and make smart money decisions. But when they see other children their age mastering these skills, they realize they can be smart with money too! 

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Why Does The Stock Market Go Up?

Why Does The Stock Market Go Up?: Everything You Should Have Been Taught About Investing In School, But Weren’t breaks down the most common questions everyday people have about the stock market and investing in easy-to-understand terms. So many of us hear headlines like “The Dow was down 300 points today” and we think, “oh, that must be bad.” But what does that even mean and what impact does it have on your life? This book will make investing and the stock market clear in plain English.

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Brian has written a book you can hand to anyone and know that they’ll become smarter, happier, and richer for it. Required reading for those seeking lifelong profit from lifelong investment.

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